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LOTRO Captain Class

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Available to : Man
Bearing her banner into battle, a Captain provides hope and leadership to her fellows, inspiring them to greater deeds. A skilled Captain can rally a party back from the brink of defeat, or seal a victory against many foes. While a Captain is a respected fighter on her own accord, she is primarily driven by her powerful sense of leadership to those fighting around her.

The Captain will be the class of choice for players who enjoy supporting their fellows while participating in melee combat. With her unique ability to plant banners to increase the battle prowess of those near them, the Captain helps to define where a fight will happen. Her battle cries allow her to take advantage of certain events in combat to aid the morale or combat ability of her fellows. A Captain's style of combat focuses on inspiring those around her to glory.

Captain Class Skills

Skills Level Description
Defensive Strike 1 you attack defensively causing light damage, but recover quickly to protect yourself
Enraged SHout 1 Fearsome shout which inflicts terror into your enemies
Rallying Cry 1 When a worthy foe is defeated your cry rallies the morale of nearby companions
Devastating blow 2 The effects of your enraged shout allow you tomake a light attack with the chance of causing great damage if you land a critical blow
Cutting Attack 4 A light, bleeding attack which causes your foe damage over time
War Cry 4 When a worthy foe is defeated you let out a cry which rallies your nearby companions to attack with greater speed and determination
Musical Instrument 5 Passive Skill
Telling Mark 6 you leave a mark on your enemy pointing out the armors weakness, which increases the chances of your companions killing it
Make Haste 8 You command your fellowship to make better speed both in and out of battle
Routing Cry 8 When a worthy foe is defeated you let out a fearsome cry which slightly demoralizes nearbyfoes
Spear 10 passive skill
Pressing Attack 12 The effects of your enraged shout lets you swing twice at your enemy
Call to Arms 14 you enlist a herald of war to carry your banner into battle
Halberd 15 Passive Skill
Shields 15 Passive SKill
Motivating Speach 16 You are able to raise the morale of nearby companions
Muster Courage 16 you are able to renew the courage of your nearby companions
Command On Guard 18 you command one of your companions to be on guard, increasing his chances of parrying attacks
Escape from Darkness 20 You are able to revive a fallen companion
Heavy armor 20 Passive Skill
Pennants 20 Passive Skill


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LOTRO Captain