How to Make Gold In LOTRO

Quick & Easy Ways to Make Gold In LOTRO

These are just a few hints on easy gold-making methods in LotRO. If you're at least half-way serious about making some more gold in the game, then Killer Guides' LotRO Gold Guide is pretty much a must read. While not free, it's by far the best resource you can currently get on making gold in the MMO.

The currency in LOTRO is divided in to threw categories Gold, Silver & Copper
100 Copper = 1 Silver Coin
1000 Silver Coins = 1 Gold Coin
You can check you're available balance by pushing the "C" button which will bring up the character journal panel.

So how do i make Gold in LOTRO?
You can earn gold by completing various quests, deeds, killing enemies & looting from human NPC's. You can also kill enemies and sell the loot to NPC traders or sell items you have crafted.

How can i craft items to sell for gold?
You can make items like armor, weapons, food but first you must take up a crafting vocation by seeing a master of apprentices, the type of vocation you choose will dtermine what you are able to make.

How do i sell items i have made or won?
There are numerous ways you can sell items in lotro:
1. In the Auction House
2. To a NPC who runs a store (this option gives you the buyback option)
3. By directly trading with another character

How do i sell items to the NPC Traders?
NPC Traders will buy almost anything you can carry, including things that are bound to you. To sell to a NPC you simply right click on him/her and go to shop > sell.. this will bring up a list of items that you can sell, simply double click on the item you wish to sell and the gold will appear in your account. You can also buy items from the NPC by clicking the buy tab and double clicking on anything you wish to purchase...the gold will be automatically taken from you're account.

Where are the auction houses in LOTRO?
There are 3 auction houses in LOTRO: Bree-town, Michel Delving, and Thorin’s Hall.

How to sell items in the Auction House
Go up to the auctioneer and double click him/her then click on the post tab, from there you can simply drag and drop any items you wish to sell into the auction item box, you can specify a starting price and buy it now price and how long you want the auction to run.

How to buy items in the auction house?
Go up to the auctioneer and double click him/her then click on the "Auctions" tab, you can then search threw the items available for sale. Or browse by category. to bid on an item highlight it and click bid and enter the desired amount

Tips for selling in the auction house
Don't overvalue you're item have a look around the current auctions and see what price the item you are selling is going for (remember to gauge the price against the items with bids), if you have a high start off price no-one will bid on you're item.

Happy Gold Making In LOTRO ............
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