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Lord of the Rings Online Bots- Level while you sleep with the latest Lord of the Rings Online bots.

Lord of the Rings Online Cheats- Find out how to level faster using cheats in Lord of the Rings Online.

Lord of the Rings Online Exploits- Looking for LotRO exploits? Find them here.

Lord of the Rings Online Hacks- Hack Lord of the Rings Online with the help of programming veterans.

Lord of the Rings Online Macros- Use LotRO macros to level faster and double the performance of your character.

First off let me say that using Bots in LotRo is against the Terms of Service of Turbine and if caught using one, your character maybe banned and deleted from the LotRo servers.

What is a LotRO Bot ?
Bots are useful in MMORPG's they are what the web world would call Macro's, these help automate any repetitive task for example say you had to kill 100 giant spiders the bots would find and locate the spider on the screen then attack the spider...this is known as macroing, There are numerous kinds of LotRO Bots some are setup to do different things and some can do numerous things at the same time....

How useful are LotRo Bots ?
Well do you ever play LotRo and get bored of doing the same task over and over and over again ? yes we all do this at some point, this is probably one of the worst parts of any MMO... The Grind! So these bots are made to overcome the grind and you can leave them on while you are sleeping so your character can do the mindless repetitive tasks while you snooze

Can i Be Caught using a Bot?
Yes there are numerous ways that Turbine can catch you if you are botting, also be aware that other players may report you if they catch you using a bot... So if you insist on using one do it in a quiet place.

Wow these Bots sounds good...Where can i get one?
Well some Bots cost money, some are free and some are packed full of viruses and spyware, so we have found a couple of LotRo bots that we know are successful and are not packed with bad things like spyware and viruses.
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