LotRo Prospecting Guide

LotRo Prospecting Guide

So you want to be a master prospector? well not everyone is cut out for pospecting in LotRo, a prospector goes out into the vast lands of LotRo and digs up precious metals and processes them for crafting purposes, these can be used to make armor and weapons, In order to become a prospector you will have to choose a vocation which supports this skill, these include : Armsmen, Armourer, Explorer and Tinkerer to choose a vocation you must speak to a master of apprentices, these can be found in most major cities. you may want to upgrade your tools as to start with as you are only given the most basic of tools to start with.

Gathering Materials
Well the first step as a prospector is to gather the materials you will need for crafting, this is very simple all you have to do is click on the desired nodes and you will mine the ore. To start with you will only be able to mine copper and tin to make bronze. To find ore you will need to enable the skill that allows you to find ore, this will allow you to see the nodes on the minimap even if they are not currently on your map their will be an arrow which will show you where the ore is. These are all over the place however some ore's require higher skills of propescting also note that these ores will be in combat areas so be prepared to battle at any given moment as you never know what kind of nasty is lurking. There are the following kinds of ore

  • * Ancient Iron
    * Barrow Iron
    * Copper
    * Dwarf Iron
    * Gold
    * Iron
    * Misty Mountain Silver
    * Platinum
    * Rich Iron
    * Silver
    * Tin

Now that you have filled your backpack with all the ore you can carry you will want to process it so that you can make those mighty weapons you have been dreaming of, To do this you will need to find a forge these can be found in most towns and cities, you will not require any other materials just head over to the forge bring up the crafting interface and see what you can make from the ores you gathered

Leveling Up
Every time you craft something you will earn some crafting experience points, just keep making more things and you will come out of the lowly apprentice mode and start to be able to make even greater things, Now once you have done simply keep the materials you have made for your other crafting professions or head on over to the auction house and make some money for that much needed pint of ale you will be needing after all that hard work

Ranks For Prospector
* Apprentice
* Journeyman
* Expert
* Artisan
* Master

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