Quest Walkthrough : LOTRO

LOTRO Quest Walkthrough

Are you having problems with a LOTRO quest ? or maybe you can't find the NPC you are looking for well our LOTRO quest walkthrough can help you. We have sorted the quests out by zone and all links here lead to other sites (their are hundreds of quests to complete in LOTRO and it would be fruitless for us to just re-invent the wheel and have your own quest walkthrough (plus i have completed all the quests)... so instead i have linked to other quest walkthrough's on other sites because these sites have almost every quest covered. For the most reliable source, you should probably head over to Killer Guides. Aside from a guide to making gold in LotRO they also have a general Lord of the Rings Online guide that features quest-walkthroughs and some insider hints that you'll be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

To view which quest you want simply click the zone that you are trying to do a quest in, then it will come up with a map and all you have to do is simply choose where on the map you're quest starting point is located and you will be shown a list of quests, choose whichever quest you are doing and it will come up with a walkthrough.

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