LOTR Online Commands

LOTR Online Commands - Lord of the Rings Keys & Controls

Below you will find the default commands for LOTR Online, all keystrokes listed here and elsewhere in this manual assume the default control setup. You can change most commands in the options windows (push esc while in game).

W - Move Forward
A - Movie Left
S - Move Backward
D - Move Right
Q - Strafe Left
E - Strafe Right
Insert - Toggle Between Walk & Run
Num Lock - Auto Run on/off
Tab - Select Next Target
Backspace - Select nearest Target
F1 - Select Self (Push again to select your pet)
CTRL + F1 -> F5 - Select Bags 1 -> 5
Right Mouse Button - Select, Use, Attack (Depends on Context)
Left Mouse Button - Select
Right Mouse Button (Press & Hold) - Mouselook (you turn with your camera))
Left Mouse Button (Press & Hold) - Rotates Camera Around You
Right Mouse Button Then Left Mouse Button (Hold and press right to move)
Mousewheel - Zoom In/Out
Spacebar - Jump
M - Map
R - Reply
L - Quest Log
Shift + L - DeeD Log
* - First Person , Third Person View (Toggle)
U - Use
I - Open/close all bags
Enter or / - Type in chat window
Ctrl # - Toggle Hooks (to re arrange inscreen elements)
F11 - Take Screenshot
F12 - Toggle HUD on/off
O - Social Panel

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