Lord of the Rings Online Race/Class Guide

LOTRO Race's - A Guide to LotR Online Race's

In-depth LotRO Game Guides
Most of the guides provided here provide a basic introduction to the topic. For more detailed advice on leveling and making gold, I recommend these guides.... Read more

The race of men is the shortest lived of the races of middle earth, yet it is also the race destined to rule beyond the 3rd age.... Read more

Dwarves can be excellent warriors showing unique toughness in battle and the ability to craft great things.... Read More

There are few recoded deeds of hobbits until late in the 3rd age of middle earth, which is just the way the hobbits like it. Hobbits are simple and quiet folk prefering to dwell in hillside holesin and around the land know as the shire... Read more

Tall and strong, fair and graceful, Elves have keen senses and a deep affinity for the natural world. Throughout the ages the, the deeds and struggles of the noble races of Elves have been entwinned with the history of middle earth... Read More

There are 4 main race's within LOTRO (you can also play as a monster once you reach level 10, click here to read our monster play guide)

Lord of the Rings Online Classes - A Guide to Classes in LOTRO

A stealthy trickster, the burglar can dart in and out of the shadows to confuse, weaken or attack enemies... Read More

A captain provides hope and leadership to his fellows, inspiring them to greater deeds. A skilled captain can rally his fellowship back from defeat... Read More

A true master of arms, the Champion excels at combat focusing on little other than bringing there foes to there knees... Read more

A strudy fighter and protector of the weak, a skilled guardian can face even the thoughtest enemies and still survive... Read More

Tracker, pathfinder and master of the bow, the keen eyed hunter can fire arrows with a
devastating effect... Read more

Lore Master
A keeper of ancient lore, the lore master uses his knowledge of ancient wisdom to stave off the advance of the shadow's... Read more

With song and tale, The minstrel brings hope to the places full of gloom. She can inspire those with fearful minds to do some amazing deeds... Read More